biianca | going downtown
we met bianca right outside the club. turns out the real party was right outside. the door man of the club we went to was a real dick and was super selective of who he let in. bianca faced the same trouble after they wouldnt let in her fat,ugly friend. so all the people who were turned down decided to hang out in the street and used car stereo systems to create a makeshift club. i had to make believe i was into biancas fat friend just so that tony could hook up with bianca. he owes me big time. we went to finish the party at her place and tony went ape shit on her ass. he fucked her in so many ways it would take a while to list them here. she loved every minute of it and luckily for me her fat friend had to go to work the next morning and i got away scott free, plus i was able to record bianca and tony fuck each others brains out.
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