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money talks strikes again with another set of crazy stunts! do not miss the big girl kiddie pool wrestling right on a busy street corner in hollywood!!! this is definitely one bad ass baby oil match! after that we came accross this guy that was down to get into a size small gold weenie bikini, and to just cruise the streets... :) what a goof! even got crazier when he started humpin a mail box! then icey and jay go workout at a local gym with their friend jenni. after a few sets they meet nicole. mike gets her to let us film her workin out those amazing legs of hers for 3 hundy to stretch out jenni naked!!! :p and after some real negotiating, nicole agrees to take part in a threesome with jay and jenni. do not miss the hot muscle action when these 3 get it on!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i want some!!!
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after the stretching...  we got jenny to get a rub down naked style...  for a few hundy more!!!  :)
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