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strthis week on your favorite dysfunctional web show, we will show you part 1 of our multi part series, big city chronicles. in this episode we begin to really see the effects of recession, mixed in with a side of i dont give a fuck. first up we got a guy on the street to give his friend a pedicure, except the catch was that he had to do it with his mouth. then we finally unveil one of the coolest helmets youre never going to want to wear… the money talks stink bomb helmet. then we got this girl with a humongous, for lack of a better word. ass to give us a quick little poll dance. then we got this other shmuck to rub icy hot on his balls… i know youre thinking that youve seen that before, but trust me when i say that the results are pretty awesome. after that we got a little skater dude to take one for the wallet and drink all the dirty water and falafel grease from the street cart on the corner. then we ran around the beach in search of some good ole tittles ad came up with some pretty sweet results, as a matter of fact it went so well that we met this one little piece of ass on the beach, took her back to the limo, and showed her how to make a dollar the hard way. dont miss a minute because we are just getting started..
we don't have porno stars...these guys do!!!

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